About Talal

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Curriculum Vitae:

  • Owner of TALALFIT S.C.C since 2015
  • Sports consultant at Wawan Protein 2015
  • Weightlifting trainer for women at the Olympic committee institute 2013
  • Physical education teacher 2008
  • Personal Trainer in Weightlifting & Bodybuilding 2006

Sports Consultant: Wawan Protein 2015

Duties include (but are not limited to) keeping up to date with all sports and fitness trends, being in touch with all athletes’ and bodybuilders’ requirements, understanding the development of sports programs and training packages; then using this knowledge and own experience to consult in the advancement of business and marketing strategies in accordance with the policies of Wawan protein – one of Kuwait’s top supplement and nutrition suppliers – to the mutual benefit of the company itself and its service users.

Personal Trainer since 2014

Responsible for helping, educating and inspiring individuals on a one-to-one basis; helping to realize their fitness goals whilst implementing correct and safe gym procedures, proper training techniques and achievable yet motivational targets.

Weightlifting Trainer for women: Olympic Committee Institute 2013

Working directly with a whole team to help condition and prep for competition. A weightlifting trainer must be able to call upon their own experience and knowledge whilst being able to deliver it both succinctly and in a spirited manner in order to motivate a team of people through lengthy, disciplined training sessions towards success at a competitive level.

Physical Education Teacher: 2008

Being able to engage with young people and inspire them towards a healthy and active adult life is paramount in our modern society. To succeed in this role one must be enthusiastic, knowledgeable and never patronize. Duties include planning and carrying out lessons in sports, teaching the correct way to exercise and encouraging team play and sportsmanship.

Cpt Talal’s Achievements

  1. Weightlifting – Under 69kg Category
  2. 1st place in Kuwait – 2001-2015 – record holder
  3. 1st in the GCC Region
  4. 2nd Place in the Arabic Peninsula
  5. 4th Place in Asia

Power Lifting

1st place in Kuwait during Spark Competition in that was held in 2014 – under 74kg category


  1. 2nd place Worldwide in Natural Bodybuilding – IMBA Natural Bodybuilding 2015
  2. Top 15 during Olympa Amateur competition – 2015
  3. 9th Place during Wawan Protein Body Style Competition 2015
  4. Top 10 during Wawan Protein The Show in 2015


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